We engaged Del in 2016 when we realized our retirement goals may not be meeting up with our current financial trajectory. Great friends recommended Del as an expert in his field who had a genuine dedication to helping his clients create the future they want for themselves, so we gave him a call.

Del took enough time to understand us, our family and our hopes and dreams before embarking on a review of our finances, which made us feel he was viewing them through the lens of what we wanted to accomplish. The result was a detailed plan with several options for us to choose from in terms of our future retirements plans and how we wanted to approach them. We felt (finally) like we had some control over our path and how best to make it work. Del also prompted us to give some thought to other important areas of our life, like estate planning, which was important for our growing family to consider now.

We will continue to recommend Del to anyone in need of no-obligation expert advice—whether to put themselves on more solid footing or look ahead to secure a future worth dreaming about. We’re thankful for what Del has accomplished for our family and look forward to working with him for years to come.

Dan and Melina G., Fergus, ON

My family has been dealing with Wilmot Financial for many years, both on a personal and business sides of things. We consider Del and Susanne family. You have helped my mom and dad with their business needs, my husband Jason and I with our insurance needs. I have also introduced you to my friend and co-worker Mike. You have helped us with all sorts of our needs, such as life insurance, accident insurance and health benefits. You are always prepared with all the information and answers that we need to make sure we are purchasing exactly what we are needing to suit our families and businesses.

It is always a pleasure to chat with both of you either in the office or in my own home, which is a service I appreciate to suit busy families.

Thank you for always helping our families with our insurance and financial needs, we look forward to working together in the future.

Janine R., Conn, ON

We have been with Del and Wilmot Financial Services since 2005. Over this time, Del has always been a trusted resource for us as we have gone through the many milestones in life. Whether it be right mortgage approach, insurance coverage decisions, RESP’s for the kids, or financial investments, Del has always provided sound advice and guidance allowing us to make the right decisions for our needs.

What we probably appreciate and admire most about Del is the time he takes with us in every meeting to ensure that we have a clear understanding of our investment and/or security options. He patiently explains in detail the ins & outs of terms, risk profiles, and even alternate approaches to ensure that we are comfortable with our decisions. He is always prepared to answer Rob’s long list of questions, lol.

As we approach the next milestone in our lives, we are sure glad that Del (& Susanne) have us on the right track to reach our retirement goals.

Rob & Aimee Y. Fergus, ON

We have been dealing with Del for a lot of years now both on a personal and financial level. He keeps up on ways to make our money make money for our retirement. As well, we trust him to look after our personal insurance portfolio (life and disability insurance).

He is not pushy in any way and really makes sure you understand how everything works before signing on the dotted line. Del and his lovely assistant/office manager Susanne are very prompt in returning messages or emails. That type of personal service still matters in today’s world and we appreciate it.

Jackie and Rob M., Dundalk, ON

We met Del and Susanne in October 2017. Just about to go into our fifties, we had no idea whether we were on track for approaching retirement or not. You know those moments when you are speaking to someone and they are listening to you, but you don’t really feel heard? That was how we were feeling about our retirement plans before we met Del. Right from the start, Del heard us. He was interested in our plans for retirement, and our anxieties about making the right decisions to achieve those plans. He met with us on a number of occasions until we felt comfortable that his recommended approach would help us achieve our retirement plans. We never felt rushed to commit, or that any question asked was insignificant.

Susanne is also wonderful to deal with. She is a warm, friendly, extraordinary person and makes you feel like part of the family. With her by Del’s side, there is no greater team around to assist in making our plans come true.

One of the things that has really impressed us is that there has been occasions when we have seen Del and Susanne around town and they never hesitate to approach us. We can tell you that we have not had that same experience with some other service providers. It means a great deal that Del and Susanne takes the time to personally speak to us outside of a business setting.

We would not hesitate to recommend Del and Susanne to others and feel fortunate to have them in our corner.

Kevin and Christine F., Elora, ON

We have been dealing with Del for 20 + years and had a “good feeling” from our initial meeting. He is trustworthy, reliable, personable, accommodating (meets us at our home in the evenings) and has always provided us with good advice and guidance as we’ve worked together to meet our financial needs at each stage of our family’s lives.

Del keeps us well-informed of current market situations and we’ve learned to trust his recommendations. Del and Susanne are always quick to respond to questions, happy to help in any way needed, and have our confidence that our finances are in good hands.

Ellen & Gary M., Caledon, ON

We have been with Del for approx. 23 years now. It has been a pleasure knowing and meeting with Del. He is always helping us with our financial planning for when we can retire. He always keeps us updated on all our policies etc.

We are grateful for Del as he always tries to make time to meet in the evenings when we couldn’t meet in the daytime for meetings.

We have been very satisfied with our dealings with Del and we will continue our service with Wilmot Financial Services for years to come.

Thanks Del & Susanne for the great service you provide us!

Bonnie and Ross Y., Proton Station, ON.

We have been dealing with Wilmot Financial Services since 2004. Del recommended the Manulife One route for our mortgage which was an excellent fit for us. Our mortgage was paid down very quickly, which was what we were aiming for. Del listens to what you are looking to accomplish financially and puts a solid plan in place.

Bob and I have entrusted all of our financial planning to Del – RRSP’s, TFSA’s, RESP’s, Life Insurance, Pension Funds transfers, etc. We are never in the dark as to where we stand financially, as Del provides us an ongoing clear outline of our total portfolio.

I have referred a number of friends and work colleagues to Del, which I would never do unless I trusted his guidance and judgement 100%. Del is well versed in the changing markets and the various types of investments available, and provides several options for your specific needs. Whether we meet at our home or his office, I find Del to be open, warm and welcoming and can honestly say I would consider him not only an excellent financial planner but a friend.

Ann F., Kitchener, ON

I initially accompanied a friend who had a complementary consultation with Del. Del had been recommended by one of her close friends who is a long-time satisfied client. During that consultation, I was duly impressed by what was presented and discussed. I then set up my own consultation appointment. I had been thinking of switching for the last few years from my current financial advisor. That decision came easily. Here’s why. Del possesses a wealth of financial advising experience, explains thoroughly and concisely, is approachable and trustworthy. Very easy to converse with and always readily available for any queries you might have.

In switching to Del, I am confident that he has my best interests at heart. He’s simply a really super, nice guy. You won’t be disappointed! By the way, that friend that I accompanied for her appointment, Del is now her financial advisor.

Anne S., Elora, ON

I have known Del for many years. I have trusted him totally with my financial decisions for retirement planning.

Del keeps himself educated with current developments in his industry and is quite willing to express his knowledge to me to help with my decisions. Del always has time to explain details to me in a very friendly and personal way.

Bob G., Dundalk, ON

Del has been addressing all of our investment and retirement interests from very early on in his career, as well as providing us with sickness, disability and life insurance options that fit our lives.

We are confident that Del’s knowledge and expertise is taking us in the direction that we want to go and will insure that we meet our retirement goals when we hope to. We have the utmost trust in his abilities and always feel like we are informed and in control of our future. If there are any problems or questions, calling his administrative partner, Susanne, will always get the answer we need.

We would highly recommend Del and Susanne at Wilmot Financial for a variety of financial products and investment options.

Jan & Dave E., Grey Highlands, ON

My relationship with Wilmot Financial spans over many years. At first my husband and I had disability insurance with Del. Upon my husband’s passing, I felt unsure of what I was in need of and Del did not disappoint. Del showed compassion and was extremely helpful in his reassurance of how to help me meet my future needs.

I appreciate the personal interest he and his wife Susanne have shown in my well being and future concerns.

Not a birthday or holiday goes by without receiving a greeting. An office meeting is not only informative but very enjoyable. They make me feel like family. I know that I am in very capable hands.

I have peace of mind, knowing my insurance products meet my expectations, having such comprehensive coverage.

Del’s unsurpassed commitment is apparent every time we meet. I highly and proudly recommend his services.
Honest, attentive, compassionate and very knowledgeable, that’s Wilmot Financial in a nutshell.

Sharon W., Orangeville, ON

We have been with Wilmot Financial for over 25 years. Del has consistently kept in touch over all those years by newsletters, bulletins, birthday cards and e-mails. The feeling is always no pressure.

When a claim needed to be completed, it was done immediately, hassle free and very supportive.

It’s been a pleasure working with them and would recommend their services to others.

Eric and Theresa P., Amaranth, ON

Del and Susanne were very warm and inviting and have always made us feel welcome right from the start. Over the last few months we have made several changes in our life, including insurances, investments and our mortgage. Through the whole process everything has been organized, detailed and was delivered in very simple terms which was easy for us to understand. They have put our minds at ease for the future. Thanks to you both.

Gari and Rhonda D., Orangeville, ON

Professionalism, knowledge, trust and integrity are the reasons we have been with Del for 20 plus years. He and Susanne are always available by phone or email with thorough responses in a timely manner. Challenges have been met with compassion and support. It’s nice when people you do business with are considered friends.

Ian and Mary N., Caledon, ON

Always a pleasure to work with Del and Susanne at Wilmot Financial Services.

It is like meeting a friend to go over your finances, only he actually knows what he’s doing! Del always takes the time to return calls or emails, and he provides and explains all the necessary information you need to understand. We have recently made changes to our company and Del has helped us through the challenges and planning out what retirement would look like for us. Thanks for all you do Del.

Sue and Tim Z., Mount Forest, ON

My husband Barry and I have been clients of Del Wilmot for about 26 years. That says a lot in itself for Del. He is so easy to talk to. When we see Del we spend some time catching up personally – talking about our families, holidays, etc. When it comes to his business, no question is a dumb question.

We entrust Del with our life and disability insurance as well as our investment accounts. He is very knowledgeable and explains things in a very clear manner. He doesn’t push – the decisions are ours, but we have found that his financial planning advice has proven to be financially rewarding for us.

Obviously after so many years we could not imagine placing our trust in the hands of anyone else.

Lynn and Barry C., Markdale, ON

Del can present financial information so it’s easy to understand. He also takes the time to answer all your questions. I feel that he always has my best interests at heart. For example, when the life insurance company wanted to charge me a higher premium, Del went to bat for me to get the very best rate. That resulted in him making less compensation but it was the right thing to do so he did it!

Del and Susanne are always quick to respond to questions. If I have an issue, I will have a reply the same day. They treat me like a person not just an account number.

Kelly O., Fergus, ON

I have known Del now for more than 20 years. He has been our financial advisor for nearly as long.

My wife and I really appreciate Del’s individual approach and attention to our specific goals, unlike the cookie cutter approach of the banks. He is always able to frame things in a way that makes them easy to understand, without making us feel “talked down to”, and his honesty and integrity are plain to see.

I can strongly recommend Del for any of your insurance or investment needs, and I feel fortunate to have him taking care of ours.

John R., Fergus, ON

My husband Chris and I moved to Elora in 2014 and then were married in 2017. We both had financial consultants that we had been dealing with, however they were two separate entities and quite the distance from Elora.

We had married and purchased a home together so we agreed that we needed someone close that we could both work with.

Such is the case with Del and Susanne. They both welcomed us into their offices and every visit has been productive and pleasant.
Our first in-depth meeting was enjoyable and enlightening as Del put together a package for us, showing in detail where we were currently sitting with our finances and our retirement status. We were in good shape and we felt much better about our current situation. We have no hesitation in recommending Del & Susanne Wilmot to handle your financial affairs.

Doug W., Elora ON

I have dealt with Del as my personal financial advisor for many years. He keeps himself well-informed on changes in markets, the economy and types of investments available. He maintains good communications with his clients. Del is sensitive to his client’s circumstances and makes appropriate investment recommendations. I have always found him to be honest, forthright and trustworthy.

J. L. Ferris, B.A. LL.B. LL.M. C.Med, CEA


We have been with Wilmot Financial Services for many years now. We started out with them over 20 years ago (might be over 25?) when we bought Personal Disability Insurance for my husband, the company he was working for at the time didn’t cover him for this and we felt that his job as a Truck & Bus Mechanic was too high risk to be without it. When my husband ended up doing permanent injury to his back (a compression fracture) we were very grateful to have the disability coverage which paid him for many years until the age of 65. Over the years we have also trusted Del (& Susanne) with growing our savings by investing with/through them and trusting them to look after our best interests according to our risk tolerance.

We thank you for many years of friendly, professional and trustworthy service!

Annette and Bob F., Mount Forest, ON

I have been relying on Del Wilmot for financial advice for 25 years when he was in the early days of establishing his business. He has always provided sound investment advice in addition to affordable disability and life insurance policies. Del and Susanne are unfailingly cheerful and have patiently answered the many questions I’ve asked. In the process, I’ve been pulled back from the abyss of financial illiteracy.

When stepping into the retirement phase of life, I was able to do so with confidence and my wife and I continue to rely on Wilmot Financial for their expertise.

Paul V., Orangeville ON

We have been clients of Del Wilmot for over 20 years and always found his knowledge and updates useful and practical to all our needs including investment and accident / health insurance coverage. Really appreciate his ability to organize and simply financial matters. Thank you Del and Susanne for taking the time with us.

Karl and Betty Anne F., Grand Valley, ON

Great experience. Very knowledgeable.

Del gives you a picture of where you are and where you should be with your finances so you can comfortably enjoy your retirement. He regularly goes over your “stuff” to make sure the end goal is still attainable.

Wilmot Financial is always attending conferences so that they are up on all the latest investments.

Kim T., Dundalk, ON

Del is knowledgeable, understanding, and thorough. We are so grateful to know that our financial future is being carefully planned for and constantly monitored by someone with proven experience, and who we know we can trust and count on. We will continue to recommend Del highly to our friends, family, and clients.

Lainy and Dave L., Alliston, ON

Raising three kids and running a business can feel overwhelming at times. Being organized and planning ahead is the #1 key. I had a lot of questions, and Del was able to provide great guidance and support. I especially love the customized retirement plan Del prepared for me. I have come to call it the “peace of mind” plan. Del and Susanne have been a wonderful resource for me on this journey.

Donna L.-N., Elora, ON