Insurance Coverage Simplified 

Are you looking to provide your family or business with financial protection – without breaking the bank? Insurance is one of the easiest and simplest ways to do this!

Many people avoid getting insurance because they feel it’s complicated or unnecessary. We’ll explain how different kinds of insurance can provide you, your family, or your business with the financial security they need.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a must-have when protecting your family or your business. If you’re buying insurance for your family, you can make your spouse or your children beneficiaries. If you’re buying it for your business, you can use it to fund a buy-sell agreement. 

With term life insurance, you’re looking at less expensive premiums but only have coverage for a set amount of time. Conversely, you look at higher premiums with whole life insurance but have lifelong coverage. 

We can explain each type’s pros and cons and recommend a policy that best suits your needs.



Disability Insurance


People become disabled – either temporarily or permanently – more often than you think. For example, if you become disabled due to an injury or an illness, would you be able to support your family still or run your business?

Disability insurance payouts will replace your income if you cannot work. This will ensure your business does not go under or your family is not put into a position of financial insecurity.

We’re happy to answer questions about how disability insurance coverage works and what type of coverage is best for you. 

Critical Illness Insurance

Another way you can provide your family or your business with financial protection is with critical illness insurance. Critical illness insurance is a fantastic, tax-optimized way to obtain a lump-sum payment if you’re diagnosed with a critical illness such as cancer or a stroke.

You can use your tax-free lump sum payment to pay your bills or help keep your business afloat! In addition, we can explain different policy options to you, including the opportunity to have your premiums returned to you if you never make a claim.

Health Insurance

While it’s true that as Canadians, we do have our primary health care coverage provided by the government, we’re still responsible for covering many health care expenses ourselves.

Expenses, such as dental or eye doctor exams, prescription drugs, eyeglasses, specialized therapy, and private hospital accommodations, must be paid out of pocket.

Private health insurance helps cover these costs and gives you more money to support your family or business.

Need help getting organized when it comes to insurance coverage?

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