Maintain Your Independence and Ability To Age At Home

Your Plan Your Way

Affordable Home Care Assistance Plan

How To Live Your Senior Years With Peace Of Mind And Dignity... Even If You Think You Won’t Qualify!

Do You Have A Personal Future Health Care Strategy In Place, So You Can Continue To Stay In Your Own Home When You Are No Longer Able To Care For Yourself?

Care Options

Discover how to get your care and how it will get paid for. No other insurance policies provide home care coverage at a reasonable cost that seniors can easily get approved for.

Reside at Home

You can live in the comfort of your home while you get care and not have to rely on family for help. You have an affordable option to pay for the “Aging In Place” and not use all your retirement funds.

Your Care Your Way

You decide on the care you want so you’re not placed in the broken “one-size-fits-all” system. You deserve quality care and access to what is best for you.

Affordable Friendly Support

Imagine having the choice and funds to remain in your home for as long as possible with the help of friendly professional service providers.





“Over 70% Of Individuals Age 65 And Over Will Require Some Type Of Long Term Care”

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    Seniors Are Worried They’ll Lose Their Independence And Be Placed In A Facility Far Away From Loved Ones


    The Good News Is That You Can Have YOUR CARE YOUR WAY Rather Than The Undesirable and Impersonal Way

    1) Stay In Your Own Home And Have 100% Control Over Your Care
    Usually you have to deal with the headache of coordinating with government services, supplies, and equipment which is why so many go along with the idea to go to a care facility. 
    Wouldn’t you love to decide who, when, and what care is provided?
    Now, you can get the support, resources, and care you need in your own home with MyDignity.
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      2) Many Seniors Think They Will Not Qualify, But Are Surprised To Learn That Most Do Qualify For This Plan
      Unlike traditional Long-Term Care Insurance, with MyDignity, 95% of all applicants are approved. 
      No medical exams. Just a few simple medical questions. This is the affordable and easy path to aging in place.
      Don’t leave your future health care strategy to the whims of government entities. 
      Speak with us and find out how you can get easily approved. 
      3) Enjoy Flexibility And Choice
      Enjoy “person-driven care” vs. “government system-driven care“. 
      With MyDignity Plan, you can direct your benefits to the care you need, when you need it, such as: professional nursing, including personal support workers in your own home, hospitalization and convalescence, home conversion expenses, and much more.

      What Your Plan Covers? – You Choose

      The following are some of the Services, Supplies and Equipment
      Covered by MyDignity


      Registered Nurse (or certified nursing assistant, including personal support worker).


      Home Conversion Expenses


      Moving Allowance






      Health Monitoring System


      Respite Services


      Psychological Services for Informal Caregivers


      Purchase or Rental of Equipment


      Accessories for Diabetics


      Non-motorized wheelchair, hospital beds, ventilator.




      Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)


      And much more.

      Right Now You Have Three Options When It Comes To Home Care Assistance

      This product is also CARP approved and endorsed